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Did you know that e-retail sales totaled $2.8 trillion dollars in the United States?

If you’re trying to take your business online and don’t know how to capitalize the most, informational marketing products could be the solution.

Informational products are anything that you sell with the purpose of conveying knowledge to your customers.

Want to learn more about it? Here are 10 ways you can take advantage of informational marketing products.

1. Online Courses

Selling online courses is a great way for you to share your expert knowledge with your customers.

It doesn’t matter what your expertise is if you have a market that wants to learn about what you do.

If you’re a successful freelance writer and you want to teach other writers how to do the same, you can put together an online course. To create the online course you will need a higher level of expertise since you need to put all the materials together.

2. Webinar

If you have the knowledge to share but don’t quite feel ready to put a whole ebook or online course together, you can try a webinar.

Webinars are a great resource to provide for customers if they miss out on a live event and they want to still get the same information.

These are also great for people who don’t want to have to read the material to get the information. Anyone can watch webinars from anywhere, so they’re convenient.

Most webinars are typically around 1 to 2 hours long and they address a specific topic. If you have a series of topics to cover, you could always make it into a series.

Although you can sell them on their own, webinars also make great additions to memberships and online courses.

3. Live Event Recordings

Recordings of live events also serve the same purpose as a webinar. If someone wasn’t able to get a ticket to the live event, they can get the recording to watch later.

4. Ebooks

At this point, everyone is familiar with the term ebook. Ebooks are nothing more than the electronic versions of books. Anyone can access an ebook by using their laptop, tablet, kindle, iPad, and even smartphone.

Ebooks are great informational products because they don’t take up many resources such as a printer and distributor. You don’t have to worry about how many copies of an ebook you need to print and how good those prints will sale.

After you write the ebook and put it out into the world, you will essentially have a passive form of income.

The value of an ebook is in the content, so you need to make sure you’re an expert in your field. You wouldn’t try to sell an ebook about cooking traditional Mexican food when your expertise is baking wedding cakes.

5. Written Live Event Recaps

Let’s face it, sometimes information at live events just happens so fast, it’s not possible to capture it all.

Written scrips of live events also make excellent informational products. A written recap allows attendees (and those who missed it) to have their material in front of them.

They will be able to review it in their own time as many times as they’d like.

6. Recorded Expert Interviews

If you get an expert in your field to conduct an interview, you could also sell the recording as an informational product.

You could get more hits the better established the person is.

7. Memberships to Sites

Those who want to capitalize more from having a website can offer a membership to their site.

Memberships to sites often involve access to a members-only section of the website. The members-only section has to contain only materials and information available to members.

If you offer a membership to a site, you have to be prepared to do the work. It’s important that you keep the materials fresh and updated.

8. Q&A Sessions and Virtual Summits

When your clients are spread out in different areas, it might not be possible to gather them all in one place for a conference. However, you can still give them access to the same conference material by offering a virtual summit.

When people can attend an event on their own time, they are more inclined to the idea. You could hold the same type of event if you want to conduct an expert Q&A.

People are willing to pay to have experts answer their questions and provide advice.

9. Workbooks and Templates

Workbooks are similar to an ebook, except you can fill it in. People who need guidance about a subject or topic are happy to obtain a template or workbook.

These make great informational products because you can sell them as an addition to an ebook or stand-alone products.

Essentially, you fill in the entire structure of the template and have the person complete it with their information.

Some popular workbooks include expense or budget template, packing templates, and more.

10. App

If you want to offer your customers the ultimate information product, you can create your own app. With an app, you will be able to compile all of the information you want to share with your customers under one place.

For example, in the app, you can have direct links for customers to purchase the ebook, online courses, or view any live event recordings.

Developing an app does require a more advanced level of expertise, so you would need an app developer.

Although the app itself might not bring in a lot of revenue, allowing customers a place where they can purchase all of your other informational products, is a good idea.

Informational Marketing Products: The Bottom Line

Taking advantage of informational marketing products is a great way to make more money with your online business. You can do anything from selling ebooks, developing an app, recording a webinar, or creating an online course.

You can create as many as you like and watch your income grow.

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