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Business news reports often paint a very rosy picture of the economy. What those reports often leave out is that the overall cost of living in the US has spiked around 14% in recent years.

That might not seem like such a big deal in a good economy. The problem is that over 28% of adults in the US bring home less than $35000 before taxes. That upswing in cost of living can push strained budgets beyond the breaking point.

With those kinds of pressures at work, it’s not shocking that people seek out options for jobs from home that can bolster their income. Without some kind of additional income, the extra cost of living expenses can mean picking between paying bills and not paying bills. 

The good news is that you can find work from home options that will help bring in extra money. Keep reading for a quick breakdown of seven of those options.

1. Website Tester

Almost everyone forms some kind of opinion when they visit a visit. Maybe you think the website is fantastic. It exceeds all your expectations.

On the other hand, maybe you think things like: “What is going on with this site? I’d never buy anything, but I can’t find anything even if I wanted to buy.”

Most of the time, you probably land in the middle with minor complaints about navigation or the FAQ. It turns out, you can actually get paid for those opinions from website testing services.

2. Freelance Writer

Businesses need a truly staggering amount of written content if they want to compete. For example, most businesses need at least some articles written for them and many want them on a regular basis. Other areas where businesses reach out to freelance writers include:

  • Reports
  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Marketing/advertising copy
  • Ebooks

Some businesses hire out this work because they determine it’s cheaper than doing the work in-house. Others hire freelancers because they don’t have anyone in-house with the writing chops for the work. 

Plus, there are about 30 million small businesses out there. That’s a lot of potential clients for a job that doesn’t depend on location. When you consider all the medium-sized and large enterprises that you can snag with a bit of talent and hard work, freelance writing is a sweet gig.

3. T-Shirt Designer

Do your friends constantly say that things you say belong on a t-shirt. Got a knack for fun designs. Then, you’ve probably got what it takes to become a t-shirt designer.

There are several sites out there that make the process easy for you. Most include a user interface that let you upload original artwork in a number of file formats. You can then size and position the artwork on a t-shirt mock-up.

They typically include a text editor as well that lets you insert your catchy wordplay onto the shirt. Most of the sites let you set up a shop right on the site, process purchases, and handle the delivery.

You take a percentage of each sale you generate. This is a good choice for people with a strong social media presence and active followers. They can help spread the word.

4. Freelance Graphic Designer

You don’t need a degree in graphic design to break into this field, but it does help. In the long-run, though, the quality of your work and your willingness to market your services will decide your level of success.

As much as businesses need written content, they also need visual content. The work can range from designing covers for brochures to tweaking product images in a photo-editing program or creating a logo.

If there’s a particular niche you excel in, it often helps if you focus on that area.

5. Virtual Assistant

At a certain point, most company founders and entrepreneurs find that their daily tasks exceed either their mental bandwidth or their available time. The smart ones recognize that should delegate some of those tasks to an assistant. For the tech-savvy founder or entrepreneur, that often means finding a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants handle many of the routine tasks an on-site personal assistant might handle. A few of the more common tasks include:

  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling travel
  • Research
  • Replying to low-level inquiries
  • Even fielding incoming calls

You can structure the kinds of clients you’ll get by setting out what kinds of tasks you will handle.

6. Blogging

Blogging is one of the more famous work from home jobs out there. It’s also one of the slower options. You need a topic focus that enough people care about that you can build an audience.

Once you build that audience, you can turn the blog into income through a variety of routes, such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Ad networks
  • Selling your own ebook
  • Selling your own course

If possible, pick a topic without too much competition. Always pick a topic you have a little passion for or it will become monotonous work.

7. Thrift Item Reseller

While one man’s trash is often another man’s trash, the same doesn’t always hold true for thrift items. You can often find objects with some actual value in thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, and swap meets.

You can then turn around and resell these items through an online marketplace for a decent profit margin. Let’s say you end up with inventory that doesn’t sell in a certain period of time at a certain price. You can either discount those items or sell them off at your own yard sale and break even.

Parting Thoughts on the Best Jobs from Home

The best jobs from home are the jobs that dovetail with your existing interests or a skill you picked up along the way. It’s always a harder task if you must learn everything about a field before you ever try to make any money in it.

If you’ve had enough of the day job and constantly scraping by, we can help. Use our simple form to sign up for info about our work from home opportunity.