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Did you know that 43% of Americans work from home at least part of the time and that this number is continuing to grow every year?

For most, working from home seems like the dream. You can work in your pajamas with your dog right by your side and never have to deal with the 9-5 commute again.

However, working from home isn’t always the perfect situation for everyone. It’s easy to get distracted when your workspace is also your personal space.

You notice the dishes that you didn’t do and the trash you forgot to take out last night. One quick errand to put away some folded towels can lead to you deep cleaning the whole bathroom.

If you struggle with staying productive while working from home, check out these 10 great tips on how to become more productive!

10 Tips on How to Become More Productive

After months of searching, you’ve finally snagged an amazing stay at home job! You’re excited but concerned that you may struggle with staying focused. Don’t worry – follow these guidelines and you will be a work from home all-star!

1. Create a Dedicated Office Space

If you’re serious about working from home, you will need to create a workspace that is separate from the rest of your house. You shouldn’t work in your living room, bedroom, or any other loud or noisy spaces. It’s very easy to get distracted by chores and other interruptions in these areas.

Instead, if you have a spare bedroom or even a large closet, you should create your own office there. You can set up your desk, chair, computer, and everything else you need. By keeping this space separate from the rest of your house, you can mimic the office environment and work without any distractions.

2. Clean, Organize, and Declutter

Now that you have an office, you need to clean, organize, and declutter that area to free yourself of any distractions. If you work in a messy room, it can be hard to focus on your work. Instead of crunching numbers, you will be distracted by the pile of dusty knick-knacks in the corner of your room.

In fact, 77% of American workers stated that they felt that their productivity was hurt by clutter. If your desk is cluttered and disorganized, you can easily lose important papers and documents in the mess. Because of this, cleaning your workspace is a critical productivity tip.

3. Create Your Perfect Office Ambience

You have a clean and organized office… What’s next?

The next tip is to create an ideal work atmosphere for you! Depending on what your preferences are, you may be most productive with some soft background music, an ergonomic chair to prevent back or neck pain, and good lighting so you don’t strain your eyes.

While what works best for you may vary, setting up your work environment in a way that maximizes productivity is a great tip.

4. Get Up and Get Ready

Now that you work from home, do you think you can just jump out of bed and get straight to work? Not so fast…

Even though your office is now only 15 feet from your bed, you should keep the same morning routine that you had when you commuted to the office. Take a shower, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and mentally prepare yourself for the day.

By allowing yourself time to wake up and get going, you’re more likely to start work with a fresh and energized attitude. This will help you stay productive throughout the day.

5. Plan Your Schedule

Once you clock in for the day, you should plan your schedule for the day. Rank your tasks in order of priority and commit to getting a certain number completed on that day.

When you set goals for yourself, you’re more likely to stick to this schedule and achieve them. This will help you stay focused and boost your productivity.

6. Take Breaks

When you’re caught up in a huge project, it’s so easy to get in your zone and work for 8 hours straight in a blink of an eye. However, it’s important that you still take breaks throughout your day – just as you would at the office.

Getting up and going for a 10-minute walk may be exactly what you need to increase your productivity. Taking these breaks from work improves both your brain function and level of concentration. You’ll be a better and more productive employee with frequent breaks.

7. Sign Off Social Media, YouTube, Reddit

This tip may be obvious but make sure to sign out of social media and other apps on your phone! With the average person spending 2 hours a day on social media, these sorts of apps and websites are huge timewasters and can destroy your productivity. 

When you work from home, you can either block certain sites from your laptop or set time limits on your phone for certain apps. Once you do this, you should see a spike in your production efficiency.

8. Communicate with Coworkers

Even though you no longer sit right next to them, you still need to communicate with your coworkers to work towards common business goals. Most companies utilize different instant message services such as Skype or Slack. Take advantage of these.

You should also pick up the phone and call them to talk through important projects or ideas. Not only does this help you stay on task, but it also gives you some much needed human interaction. 

9. Change Your Setting

If you find yourself getting in a rut working at home, change your location. Find a place with free Wi-fi and try working there for the day.

Setting up a temporary office at your local library or Starbucks can be the perfect break from your home office. Sometimes a change in setting is all you need to boost productivity.

10. Clock Out

When your office is your house, it’s common to think you’re on the clock all the time. Do you often find yourself still working on a presentation at 9 pm at night? Well, it’s time to stop that!

Work-life balance is extremely important in boosting your productivity. If you’re always working, you’re more likely to get burnt out.  

Increase Your Productivity at Home

Having the opportunity to work from home can provide you with so many amazing benefits. You can enjoy a much more flexible work schedule, save money on gasoline, and free up your time by eliminating your commute.

Despite these benefits, learning how to work productively from home can initially be a struggle. These 10 tips on how to become more productive while working from home should help you overcome this struggle.

If you’re interested in working from home, check out our blog. We can help you find the perfect stay at home job for you.