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With the rise of the internet, it seems like the dream of working from home is becoming more and more accessible. These days, you don’t have to get involved in a pyramid scheme selling Mary Kay to make a living from home. The gig economy is here, and with it, tons of opportunities for people who prefer to work from their house.

From child-rearing responsibilities to a preference for pajama pants, there are a lot of great reasons you might prefer to work from home. And no matter what your skill set is, there’s a good job available. Read on to learn about some of the best stay at home jobs.

Travel Agent

You may have heard that the internet is killing the travel agent business. After all, no one goes to a travel agent to book flights and hotels any more – they do it through booking websites. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; the internet has changed the travel agent industry, but it’s only made it stronger.

Today you can work from home as a travel agent planning niche vacations for the upper class. Help them find lesser-known attractions and book specialized tours for them. You’ll need to have a good wanderlust, but you can make between $40,000 and $100,000 a year working from home.

Social Media Manager

These days, everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and WhatsApp. People like to stay connected, and more and more businesses are turning to social media platforms to find their customers. This has opened a new industry of social media managers, whose full-time job is promoting a company through social media platforms.

One of the advantages of a social media manager gig is it’s entirely virtual. With the exception of Snapchat stories, you can post anything from anywhere; you can live in San Diego and manage a social media account for a company in New York. On average, social media managers make north of $50,000 a year, so if you have a savvy for Instagram filters, this could be a great opportunity.

Online Writer

If pictures aren’t your thing, but you’re a good writer, there are a ton of online writing jobs. Much like social media, everyone wants a blog, but no one wants to take the time to write one. Furthermore, keeping up with the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization is a job many companies would rather hand off to a freelance writer.

Companies that specialize in hiring freelance writers have started popping up. These companies manage hundreds of freelance writers who write everything from blog posts to press releases to product descriptions. With companies like these, you can make upwards of $50,000 a year without ever leaving your sofa.

Graphic Designer

If you’re more of an artistic bent, you can find good at-home work as a graphic designer. People need websites and logos and infographics to go along with those blog posts and social media pages. And very few people know anything about even the basic principles of design.

If you have experience or skill as a graphic designer, you can make a pretty penny working from home. There are companies that help manage these jobs, much like there are with online writers. With the right gig, you could be grossing around $50,000 a year.

Short-term Rental Host

If you do much travelling, you’ve probably stayed in an AirBnB rental, and even if you haven’t, you’ve heard of them. The idea is that someone rents out a space – either their home or a separate property – for short periods of time like a weekend or a week. It’s cheaper and homier than a hotel, and so long as the owner has someplace to go, it provides a nice source of passive income.

It turns out, in fact, that that source of passive income can get you around $27,000 a year, according to AirBnB averages. You do need to have a clean home and be willing to let strangers into your space. But you can select your guests and your open weekends, and if you combine this with a travel agent gig, you could find yourself sitting on a nice income.

Virtual Assistant

Are you organized, detail-oriented, and able to multi-task well? Then a virtual assistant job may be a great fit for you. This job involves a lot of the same office work that a traditional assistant job does, but you handle the paperwork, emails, and phone calls from your couch in your jammies.

There are a ton of industries who use virtual assistants, so you can choose which one you want to work in. If you have some medical experience, check out that field; if legal matters are more your speed, plenty of lawyers are hiring. You’ll make an average of $15 an hour, which translates to about $30,000 a year.


If you have fast fingers, good ears, and an interest in learning, you may do well as a transcriptionist. In particular, many doctors hire transcriptionists to handle their case notes. You may have to have special training or certification for this, since your business will have to be HIPPA-compliant.

You can also find less rigorous transcriptionist jobs working for college professors and the like. You might type up lecture notes, interviews, or other digitally-recorded information. The great news is you can make upwards of $50,000 a year doing this work, and you get to set your own schedule.

Find Great Stay at Home Jobs

The gig economy and the rise of the internet have transformed what it means to work from home. These days you can make a good living on your own time in your space doing something that you love.

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